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Skattur innifalinn

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The abalone shell is traditionally used to burn herbs and smudges. A stick can be leant against the edge while still alight. (Of course, never leave it unattended).

 Size and look of abalone shell can vary, please see options. The dimensions of the abalone can vary between 2-3" the widest point, and much larger ones at 6-7" at the widest point.  As this is a natural product, what we have in stock can vary depending on what is available.

Please note that whilst we do quality check these shells, as these are natural products, very minor chipping / scratches / imperfections do occur. Variations in size and colour are normal, as well as 'imperfections' around the edges and the surface. It is common to find algae deposits which can simply be brushed off under the tap.

Environmental info: These abalone shells come from South Africa, Mexico and Vietnam. They are farmed and are not caught in the wild. This means natural habitat is not destroyed and the supply is sustainable.
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